Crude Thought IV: GET IN THERE!

Are you inside?

Are you inside the medium or do you continuously create your work from afar?  

There is no rule stating that you cannot go into the drawing, into the writing, or into the creation. Love drawing trees and flowers? What kind? You have an idea of a flower in your head, now let it flow onto the medium; except, this time, place yourself inside the pedicel. What is it like in there? Is it mushy, or firm? Are you having a hard time breathing or do you feel like air does not exist? You have now entered the ovary? Is it similar to a human female ovary? Can you make out shapes or see anything yet? What is going on in there?

Can you see the alternate “you” inside?  Can you see through the individual atoms that have combined to form the outer mesh? How can you manipulate it? Have you now become the very object itself?  Can you feel how the style and stigma become erect. Are your filaments short or tall? Do you understand how the Sepals and Petals move rhythmically as they unfurl and expose themselves to the warm rays of the golden sun. Did you finally open your eyes to realize that you are a mere speck among the great valley of flowers that align your field of dreams? Are the trees large or small?  Do they demand respect or just like to be lazy all day? If this field could speak, what are the whispers you would here? What colors do you see as you sprout wings and begin to hover over your creation. What else lives in this massive field of robust trees and blossoming flowers? Did you ride the stroke of your calligraphy pen as you finished writing the word “flower?”

Have fun with your creation. Give it life. Make it a moving, living, and tangible movie in your mind. Become a warrior on a vast journey through your soul. Break through the firewall. Expose your weaknesses. Become self aware.

Explore your thoughts. Take chances. Be spontaneous. Fight the demons. Save the world.

Close your eyes, relax your mind, inhale deeply, exhale, open your eyes; now get in there!