Do not fear Ascension within yourself.

HERE is the one place that you can really be your true self. It is your playground of exploration. None of the others can hear you. You can not physically or mentally hurt anyone. and at least for this current moment in time, no computer can track your consciousness; nor its endeavors. Use this to your advantage by creating scenarios in your mind with as many plots, counter-plots, and potential endings you can muster. Pay specific attention to the thoughts and situations that continue to plague your mind. These are the immediate threats that are keeping you from rising to the next level of sight and understanding. You will not always figure it out right away, but the mere act of acknowledgement will bring forth a happening. Through this happening, you will be forced to make decisions, thus, some type of progress is being perpetuated.

Always remember: No one has all the answers, therefore; no one is above you. Every human you see before you has their own fears, phobias, and problems they must deal with. They must squat and poop (and fight against the current laws of “Human Anatomical Physics (HAP)” in order to render a clean and shit-free sphincter). Even GoD has to take a crap ever’ so often. I mean, just look at the state of his world as he flushes his remnants upon us all.

Well, you are the GoD of the world inside your mind. The possibilities of thought are infinite, and your neurons will love you for it. So why not make it work for you instead of against?

We have all been equipped with the most powerful computing devices in existence. The mind is the key to unlocking the various dimensions that are readily available and awaiting your needed exploration.

But, you will never realize this if you are not able to overcome the fear of letting go. You must be aware of the fact that “Anxiety” is a great adversary. It may signal to you that you are helpless and powerless. It may feel like you cannot breathe and that death is going to overtake you. This may very well be the reality of your current situation. So, let go. Let it take you. Fighting it will only make it stronger. You must ride the wave until it has completely swept over you and continues on to its next destination. No pill will ever cure you. medicine will only temporarily repel the effects of the inevitable. What is in the mind is forever in the mind. You must learn how to effectively deal with the stress. If you never see how far the rabbit hole goes, you will forever be trapped in the tunnel. The next irrational fear will surely manifest itself. Realize that there is nothing you can do. You did not start this and you most certainly cannot end it. You are at the mercy of the forces that be. Death is a necessary requirement of life. Anxiety will either kill you or propel you into action. Again, I ask, “How will you know if you don’t let go?”

It is time to rise to the next level of your evolution. It is time that we humans start conquering these mental plagues that have been implanted by our ancestors. The time for training wheels and crutches has come to an end. Only the strong minded can survive this game of strategy and terror. If we do not surpass our weaknesses, false-fears, and man-made conditions, we run a great risk of being left behind; all alone, and forever shrouded in pain and ignorance.

To those who know my words; To those who understand my Drawings; and To those who are on my Intrinsic Frequency; Let us “Ascend.”


Life is Crude.