I do not Draw to keep my Sanity.

I Draw to Understand my Sanity.

I think of the human, that at this very moment is being tortured and beheaded.

I think of the human that will have to commit a crime today in the name of Survival.

I think of the human sitting in my assigned Hospital Room— beyond terrified about what the Doctor will find incorrect with their ailing mind or body.

I think of the human that will continue to be Ravaged and torn apart by the Demons.

I think of the human that has to sleep outside tonight and every night thereafter, until the time of their fated fate.

I think of the human that was born into Riches. They will never have Existed.

I think of the human actor and human child that must be Drafted by the “Evil Horde of Societies” who Fight to control this Realm. The unspeakable acts that are done unto them will forever render them Broken.

I think of the Lonely and scared elderly human. Even though they are surrounded by so many; They continue to flow on a different dimensional plane. There paths may never cross.

I think of the Mystery and Delight that my Drawings may give to another human.

I can not fix it all.

I can not take away your situation. I can not take back what was done to you. I can not take back the wrongs I have caused. I can only live as a humble and understanding human being with the hope of granting you a Simple Escape from the pain by way of my Creativity.

You see, I already have my Sanity.

I do not Draw to keep it.

I Draw to Understand.