Crude Thought I: CREATING

Through drawing, I am able to communicate abstract ideas into pictures. Once the ideas become tangible, I can now view them with my eyes. This allows me to take a closer look at my thoughts and to gain a different vantage point into my existence. 

I am grateful that I have the option and pleasure to create. Creating for me has become a necessary component in regards to what I consider a good life. When I am afraid; I create. When I am lost or alone or ashamed; I create. It allows my mind to break down all the information that I have taken in and express it by way of Drawing.

Creating allows my mind to purge all the clutter, toxic thoughts, and chaos that constantly bombard me throughout any given day. A sort of spiritual cleansing. Now, equipped with a clear and calm disposition, I am better able to take on the world with a more crude and concise “Critical Thinking Process.”