There is always someone trying to predict “your” next decision for you, and even if you label them Illuminati, Friends, or Family; the end result is still the same: You are Under Control.

One Fine point to life is to not be “exactly” like the rest. Do not emulate the herd. Righteousness is not always in the Numbers.

(Message to the younger me: Concentrate on Thyself. Slow down; life is not about Time. One day is just as the next. Do not rush toward adulthood or you will surely miss some ingredients. Be weary of Demons. Stop making hasty and emotion felt decisions. Remember that the Chemicals are always at play and every thought is not always your own.)

Even though we all came off of the same Assembly line, you still maintain your own personal identification code.

This Exclusive Code allows you to decide what you think is best for you.

You can choose chaos or you can choose peace. You can choose ignorance or you can try understanding. You can either say “no” or you can say “yes.” You can be respectful or you can be a scoundrel. You can also be a Respectful Scoundrel.

It is your Decision.

You should probably read the entire “Service Agreement” first.

But that’s only my Crude Thought.