Has no one else traverse the Universe?

Where are you? Why are you lying dormant?

I am speaking to the ones who tapped into the source of all things.

This thing, that I am speaking of, is the most incredible experience of a “F*cking” lifetime. And no matter what happens, I will always know-what-I-know. No one will ever be able to take that away. Ever.

Ventures of the mind should never be taken lightly.

I will yell it to the powers that be; you will never, ever, break me. After the pain comes the unknown.

Where are the creators at?

There has not been too much new(or true) under-the-sun in a very long time. Lets unleash a force so loud, that it can never be...

Become Aware!

P.S. I am not out of my Mind. Okay, maybe a little. Either way, this is a writing created while letting the mind go. Try it sometime; you may be very intrigued by what you discover.

Life is Crude.