We are all going to die.

Hear me.

All going to die.

You can not escape Death nor Life.

So what are we ultimately gaining by Killing and Anger and Misguided Emotions?

There is no Prize Here.

We are all struggling through something. Everyone.

We do not have to hate each other. It is a choice.

Why are we choosing fear and violence?

Why can’t we just call a Truce Already?

Everyone Stop your shooting and killing and cheating and abuse-- because no one has all the answers you are searching for, no one can fix your life for you, no one can take back their wrongs and misgivings, but we do have the ability to figure things out together and not be so quick to judge others and this false reality we are trapped in.

My Soul is so tired of the Dark things we are capable of. It drains me.

How can we not be tired of all the Noise. So much noise.

We can do better, but maybe not in this Lifetime?

Let Fate Decide.