Have I become a Burden Upon You?

If so, I assure you that was not my intention

Maybe I Overtook?

Maybe I was Selfish?

Maybe Time and Age changes things.

Maybe my Breath, Shit, Farts and Feet stink?

Maybe I am too loud or Weird?

Maybe a lot of things it could be, but I maintain that I was always Respectful (So I perceive, but I could be wrong).

Regardless, I harbor no ill will upon you.

If it were not 4 U, I would be in a lower class, I would not have understood many important things and experiences.

I am eternally grateful.

But if I have become a Burden Upon Thee,

Please make it known.

I deserve the privilege of hearing your case and defending myself.

I will respect what you have to say. I will not be as some 5 year old child. I can handle whatever it is.

But I need to know what I did first.

I am always down for a good Entity to Entity talk anytime.

I live for learning, understanding human behavior and just being a spectator in this Place; but I have not all the answers.

Fortunately or Unfortunately the hammer must drop through the Glass sometime or the other.

And then Life will continue to happen.

Burden = the bearing of a load