Why are there so many of the Same prototypes running about?

Do you not see that We are being Manipulated into becoming the Same.

I do not want to be the Same as You, or Him, or Her.

I will be fine just being ME.

Do you not see that all the Men and All the Women are running the same basic programs over and over?

We have not been granted a new Download in a very long time.

But it seems that we have developed a liking to:

The Same stupid Comedy. Same stupid Night time talk shows and Hosts. Same News. Same Laws. Same old stupid-ass documents and bills. Same type of women. Same type of men.

The Same people trying to get what someone else already has.

We can sometimes be a really Stupid and Primitive bunch of Human Animals.

We seem to really excel at those moments in which we Brightly Shine at being Pompous and Self-Serving Assholes.

We Salivate over Blood, Drama, Money, Wealth, Gore, Rough Sex, Murder, Lies, Disaster, Stealing, Hating, Neglect-- But everyone is still pretending that they are “Above” Redemption.

This particular Bunch have not done you any wrong.

They have all the answers.

They know what’s best for YOU.

What a big bowl of Hot Hypocrisy!

And so, as Tiny Tim said, "A Merry Christmas to us all; Yo DOG- bless us, every one!"

       Authors: Charles Dickens And Teko L.S.