Do you Enjoy being a Slave?

I’ll say it right out-- If you are not working toward or have not established anything that can be branded as “your own,” You are a Slave to the Masters.

How Noble of thee to bust your ass in the pursuit of making the Rich even Richer while you kill your mother and brother just to stay afloat.

Do you really believe that Attending the Slave Masters School or College and obtaining a Degree is going to benefit your Soul?

Yes, you may acquire so much money that you never have to worry about being broke, but just know that You really did not accomplish a damn thing as it pertains to what you are really capable of (as I nod my head in vain regarding this useless writing).

Life is about Creation. Where is the proof of your Creation?

You simply play along with the corrupt system in hopes of not having to Shit on the Streets.

You have worked incredibly hard to buy your way out of the Ghetto or Hood or Hell.

But alas, you are still a Slave. Your thoughts and actions still rely on their Approval.

You will always owe them Something; if not Everything.

They will Surely come to Collect, and if You do not do as “They” say; You will be dealt with Accordingly.

I will not be a Slave to Anyone.

I will not succumb to the Total control of this Evil System.

I may eventually have to Shit on the street before I continue to Assimilate into this system.

Unless it were the case of 1984, I will always gamble on Myself first and I will fight the Demons till My very last breath.

Otherwise, I wish not to attend or take part in the meetings where they all decide how best to Control My Mental Disposition.

So, Go to your Politically Charged, Financial Burdening, Cyborg-Programming-Mental-Institutions you claim under the guise of “Education.”

Enjoy all the Success and Riches that it may surely bring.

Just remember that when all is said and done, and everything that you have worked for is swept away in the blink of any eye (because you never had ownership), you will still have died a Slave.

I Choose to Suffer and Die on my own terms.