How the Fuck can you Hate me?

You don’t even know me.

I have most likely never met You.

I did not kill your family, your people, or your “Kind,” and though my Government may have, I need you to at least understand that I Disagree with many of the Daily Workings and Self-Serving Motives of those Slimy Motherfuckers.

Many of us were not even in Existence during your time of Transgressions or Atrocities.

So why are you trying to punish US for the Evils inflicted upon and/or against You and Your kind?

There are those that want to Control me as they tried to Control you.

I am just trying to stay afloat in this Forsaken Place. It has been one hell of a long fight, spanning over many rough years, to Realize and Undo the Bad Programming they placed inside of us All.

I am doing what I can to ensure that Myself, as well as Our Government is trying to make amends by Repairing our Dishonorable Past. I want a Government that believes in Fairness, Facts, and Justice-for-All. I want them to stop needless killings. I want them to cease with all the Manipulation and Mind-Control.

We are Done with Being Lied too!

I would rather they resemble and work together like the crew of a Star Trek Enterprise, Exploring new ways to make Life more bearable for all.

I am trying to do my part, but If you Eliminate me before I get into a position to be of influence for the Betterment of Humanity, we will continue this cycle of “Chaos and Fire.”

We will All continue to Suffer and Burn for our Ignorance.

Grant myself and the others the Efficient time necessary to make things right and to continue the fight to decrease Injustice.

I understand that The Laws of Darwin have not changed within our Lifetime and that there are some things that even Humans cannot fix or change, but how can we begin to work around our shortcomings if we are not Granted the Proper Respect?

Have you Abandoned all Logic? Have you become blood thirsty and EVIL perhaps?

I believe that you may have misplaced your Anger, Maybe some of you have been forced or brainwashed.

No Matter.

Your Fate will be the same as the ones you unnecessarily Destroy(ed). There is no Escape from the pain we cause. We will all pay our Debts before leaving this Realm.

You can try to hide behind the Confused and Manipulated Justifications that Reside in the Books of Your Gods and Prophets, but that will never Change the Fact that you “Alone” are a “Murderer,”

And You Will Be Granted the Proper Sentence.