Young Human People Entities,

I will be gone soon. Your parents will be gone soon.

It will be left up to you all.

Like it or Not, Survival has been instilled into this Human Body.

Not being in Total Control has been instilled into this Human Experience.

I am having a hard time coping with all this Mental Chaos myself.

I am 43, and It took me the Majority of that just to realize that Everything is a Lie and Life Can be downright Ridiculous.

We helped to make you and we helped to Mold you.

many of us did a Terrible job. I apologize to all of the children of Today for my part in all this.

But the other part of the Blame, you must accept yourself.

You can choose to Listen to our stories and Learn from them. You can not be so angry or quickly offended. You can probe our minds to find out what we really think.

Granted there will be many Assholes that will never accept the way the world is and the direction in which it is headed, but unless we are going to commit Genocide against a certain class of people, we are stuck with one another until further notice. So screw the Assholes.

It is time we opened up better dialogue and forms of communication.

It is time to heal wounds and gain understanding of what Life could be.

You do not have to Repeat our Mistakes.

I want you all to have an Incredible Human Experience.

I hope for Humanity the best we can offer.

You must figure it out. Or Not.

Your Choice.