I will not Script my Reality.

I haven't a Clue what the next Moment May Bring nor Light Years into My Future.

I am hanging on by a very thin thread, but I still refuse to Plan out Exactly What I want to Happen Next.

People Say that there GOD(S) have already 4ritten the Stories of Their Lives.

Then I ask, What is the Point of Playing The Part of Someone or Something that is Predestined.?

How Useless and How Boring.? How Robotic.?


A Subtle Blend of Spontaneity and Common Sense Have Brought Me Further Than Any Planning Has Ever Gotten ME and I have Learned Far more than My Parents or Any Schooling has ever taught me.

Also, I have the Patience-of-Mind to Let things happen as they May until they Need to be Acted Upon.

I Will not and Cannot Exert all of My Energy into every Minor Battle That May Arise Throughout My Lifetime.

I have not the Desire to Control Every Aspect of Life, But I do have the Desire to Understand Them.

And if I am to Gain a Real Understanding,

It Can Not Be Already 4written and/or Scripted.