I was Teko First.

I don't Really Know What that Means, “I.”

What the Hell is an “I?”


I have now Become TekoLS and— Oh Boy!—Life Is Very Different In Here. This TekoLS Entity Really Believes Highly In And OF Itself. Of Course It is Keenly Aware of Its many Shortcomings and Quarks (or maybe Its Quirks?, I am not Certain?). It Has Already Discovered that Its Teeth Are Not Perfect-Pearly-Whites (oh, how I envy a beautiful set of choppers) and how much It Despises the Prickly Hair Follicles that Protrude from Its Organism, and that It does not Want to Have a Strong or Pungent Under-armor Odor (I meant to say Underarm Odor), or Dankly (I meant to say Dangling), Sometimes Sweaty Balls-Of-Seawater (Oops!, Testicles-Of-Saltwater) Associated with Its Reputation, So It Does Everything Within-Its-Power(s) to Improve Upon the Normal Regulation Of Its Bowels and the Multitude Of Possible Fragrances that may Exude from Its Pores and Unto Another Human-Entities Keen Sense of Smell or Sight.

The Appearance of Bearing A Strong and Solid Foundation, Combined with Being Well-Groomed and Healthy, is an IronClad Trademark of Its Character.

Teko L.S. Holistically Believes in Quality, Creativity and Respect Over and Above All Else.

You can Keep the “Love” Dos(2) Y(and) Cuatro(4) Your Own Self.

Life Is Crude.