There are:

Things I Need to Say.

Ideas to Expose.

Questions I Need Answered.


But it seems that I must quiet my Mind & Mouth.

As long as I have to partake of The “Metropolis” Machine (1927),” I will never properly finish my Research into Life and the Mind.

There are so many things that I can not learn or tell to You right now because they would cut me from the Hard line (The Matrix (1999)). They Listen, Record and Watch. They are planning for the chance to Kick-In All of my doors and windows.

*Note: this is only Literature that has been Intermingled with My very own brand of Experimental and Exploratory Writing.

I, TekoLS, do solemnly not swear that I have any Government Secrets or Weapons of Bondage laying around. (seriously, I am serious about not being serious). Seriously.

Furthermore, This Website is only an Estuary by which I Convey my Opinions and Ponders as they become more Tangible. I think they call it “Entertainment;” -- Yes--, that “one thing” the Mainstream Media is Increasingly Lacking. Oh yeah, and to all of you Uncouth, Lying, Slivering, Warped, Flesh Eating Journalistic-Defectors and Drones (Majority Of the Little Bratty Millennial’s Mainly (MOTLBMM) and there Pedophile Slave Handlers (PSH) who have Sold your Souls, I Vividly like to Imagine that Something Special is awaiting You All at the End.

**Ending to the Note: No one has to consider what I Speak.

For now, I Control the Horizontal. I Control the Vertical (The Twilight Zone (1959)). I come up with the funds to Pay for my Own Website and I will do with it what I Damn well Please- ¡Muchas Gracias!

That is, Until Squarespace and the Easily Offended Social Groups (EOSG) attempt to Delete my Thoughts.

We continue…

The world has become so Boring (and No, I will not just “Off” myself because I know the Truth or because You do not share my exact Opinion(s)).

I am not bored within my own Universe, but what lies outside of it has become like a Readily Solved Labyrinth to Me.

I am not Afraid to Disclose that I have my moments of Great Confusion, Sadness and Pain, but because I have laid the Foundation for “Serenity” (2005), my Universe is full of Drawings and Creations. Creations and Constructs of great Interest (4 What else is there?) that keep me more than Amazed. I am at Peace within My Mind.

Fortunately, I always seem to have another Insightful Thought waiting right around the Neuron.

But as far as Mystery and Wonder in this Realm, well, The Evil Masters have deemed that the people who are Learning how to “Escape the Guise,” and “Pick the Shackled Locks” shall be Silenced (by any means necessary (MALCOLM X (1992)).

Example of my Thinking:

WE may not know every Word that exist, but if you’ve seen one word, you’ve seen them all. They all follow the same basic Rhythms, Structures and Patterns (reminds me of our current Human Model C4IDIOT), in Fact, every Word is contrived by stealing parts from here and there. Nothing seems to be Authentic, but merely Contrived. Everything seems Far and Away (1992).

Where are the new Words (or ideas) that will carry Us into the next Level of this-


-and not only into a Circuit-Filled False Virtual Reality? (hey guys, lets sit on our couches with this cool head gear and play the different versions of life we wish we could have actually Lived, and eat Bonbons, and get Fat, and even more Out-of-Shape— Mom, bedpan quick, I have to take a Shit! (South Park: Make Love, Not Warcraft (10x8 (2006)))

There have been no New Words of Substance nor Valor Created in an Extraordinarily Long Time.

I see Words as I View This World, and I believe that we know everything, up to this point, about how to Govern Life so that Everyone (Deserving) can benefit Positively, Share Their Experiences without fear of Retribution/Retaliation (except if you: Find Joy in the taking of Life, are a Rapist, or a Demon, etc…), and Enable Justice For All (Deserving).

But, We All Continue to Fail at Creating any New Ideas that will Repair the Foundations of our current Societies and Civilizations. Hmm, I wonder what they are doing with their Time? (Please insert today’s half nude selfie advertising glimpse into your dull and dwindling life of a bruised and battered mind (here)). You have now been granted Entry into The Borg Collective (Star Trek TNG “Q Who” (1989))- Please Enjoy The Experience; Thank You. 

We know all that we need to know, up until this point, regarding the evidence of Things Not Seen. Why have we not put the greatest Intermingling Of The Minds that the World has ever Witnessed into action yet?


I also think that I have skewed away from my example, but Oh Well, I am only Thinking Out Loud.

So I shall continue from here.

Now, We can try to Deny it all we want, but the Mind knows that Lions and Tigers and Bears and Your next door Neighbor could become our closest enemy again within the blink of an eye. (The Walking Dead (2010))

The Mind knows that the Robots will be a great Pleasure as much as a great Curse. (The Terminator (1984)/Ex Machina (2015))

The Mind knows that it has witnessed various sorts of Insane and Neurotic Encounters of the Third Kind (1997).

The Mind knows that the likes of Harry Potter (who cares), Marvel (who cares), Disney (evil company that writes their own version of History with animals and songs, all to lore you and your children into the Pedophiles-Den for Rituals of Sacrifice and for laughs and lashings of the old Ultra-violence (A Clockwork Orange (1972)), and The Hobbit (2012) are only a Tiny reflection of a much more Extreme and Unimaginable Exotic and Deadly Story that could possibly Exist right under your Extremely Sensitive 6Sense (1999)- (not to be replaced with Sense8 (1984 (George Orwell)), oops, I meant (2015).

Do you remember back when the World ended in 2012 (2009) or when that “Y2K” thing was supposed to have happened? Interesting Stuff no doubt.

Finally, and Perhaps most important;


Your Mind Knows that there are:

Things you need to Say.

Ideas you need to Expose.

Questions you need Answered.

There is More to this Shit Than Meets the Eye (Transformers (2007))

Follow the Clues and Solve your way through Pan’s Labyrinth (2007), I here the ending is worth looking forward 2.