INGRESSUM: Disjointed

They are going to Continue Having Us Kill One Another Until The Moment We Start Handling Our Bull-Shit.

They are going to Continue Working Your Soul Away.

We are going to Drop Dead At Work-- Do you Under-Fucking_Stand Already.!?

They are killing us.

A Genocide of “WE THE PEOPLE,” Now bring in the TECHNOLOGY.

Jesus Fucking Christ Humans!

Snap 2!

WE THE PEOPLE have shit to do.

We have the real power.  Without us, they would actually have to Work to earn their Own Money.

Imagine them with Disjointed Minds. Imagine them having to Understand what it feels like having to Plan their lives 2 weeks at a time and Praying To False Gods that it gets Deposited into your “Automated” Account.

Very Satisfying.

To all Ye Evil Doers, We are no longer in The same Place where you Once Began.

We have chosen to connect with the Universal Internet.

We can now choose to Utilize it’s Power Source and Use it as a means to combat Evil.

What are you Waiting 4?

Create Your Own and Ensure You Maintain All The Rights.

Make them come to you. Level the playing field.

The Universe is on Our Side because it is Accustomed to Balance. Right now, things are balanced against US.

So, Just Fucking Try it.

Get Rid Of The BULL-SHIT--

You may Discover Your Superpower.