The World is in Dire Need of Real Entertainment (and I have Chosen to Explore How To Deliver It Crudely and Creatively.).

Entertainment Must Be Pure and Untainted. It Should not Contain Bias to One Thing or The Other-- It Shines the Light on All Things, Ideas, Wrong Doings, Ignorance’s, and Every Aspect of Our Existence Equally.

It Must Deliver the Same Rawness and Intensity that You Yourself would Like to Feel Each Time You Decide to Set Your Many Senses Upon IT.

We are in Dire Need of Many New, Updated and Innovative Stories that are Cohesive, and that also Work Toward Challenging the Mind.

We must do Something Right Now!!

To Hell With Entities that Believe We are Doomed to Repeat History Again.

So what if we do? What if the Story of Our Existence is Already Predetermined?

Then what the Hell have We Got To Lose?

Why Not Try Many Different Approaches?

Start Becoming Something or Someone Else (within the means of reason of course); A Much More Concise, Precise and Upgraded Version of the Older You (pick up your New Revolutionary-Extra-Ordinary Hardware Pack Here Please).

Try Being a Nicer, More Respectful Human-Entity. Try Caring More. Try to Replace and Exchange Habits from Time-To-Time for a Different Experience. Devote Yourself to Improving Your Personal Affairs, Interactions, and Love Lives.

Make Your Queries and Concerns Known.

Start Telling the Others What You Need, Desire, Want and Expect Up Front (no more games).

Learn How to “Vet” the Human-Entities that Claim to be your Friend(s).

Mission Impossible (1996) Your own Team of Respectful Constituents.

Do You not Understand that “We” are the Key-- You and I--

So Please Wake Up Already.

Start Now:

-Take Account of your Day-to-Day Rituals and Actions (situational analysis)

-Accept Responsibility for Every Decision You Have Ever Made (good, bad, evil, or otherwise)

-Throw out the Lame and Useless

-Gather Your Personal and Professional Credentials (You are a Life Resume)

-Work on Your Voice (speech)

-Improve your Verbal and Physical Communication Skills

-Work on Memory Recall to Sharpen the Mind

-Start to Slowly Organize Your Thoughts

-Learn Different Languages, Traditions and Cultures with a Respectful Curiosity

-Become more Financially Aware and Prepared (what is going out and coming in)

-Draw (Sketch, Write, Scribble, Doodle) Your Ideas, Thoughts, and Concepts (Make them Visual and Tangible)— You Won’t Believe The Places This May Take YOU

-Minimize the Mental and Physical Clutter Surrounding Your Current Position (get rid of what is not of use). Oh Yeah, Also Be Prepared to Abruptly Lose it All

-Get out, Meet People, Talk to others (Always be Respectful and they will Acknowledge in one way or no way)

-Greatly Reduce the Time Spent Staring at that GOD FORSAKEN Cell Phone or Tablet (make Eye Contact for a change)

-Do not be “OLD” Minded (Stuck in your Old Ways and Unable to Accept a Different Viewpoint)

-Devise a Plan to Get Far Away From The Clutches OF The Evil Slave Masters

Do Not Be Fooled, You are the Writer, Actor, Director, Financial Consultant, Lawyer, Stunt Coordinator and Camera Person in this Play of “The Happening (my introduction into the words and teachings of Allan Watts).

You Better Be Damn Good at It,

Or You Will Surely Succumb to the Darker Side of Evolution and Weep as You Feel The Coldness OF Missed Opportunity Sweep Through Your Common Senses.