I will not Prepare my Spoken Defense.

I Trust in My Self and My Words.

They will React in the Proper Manner at the Appropriate Time.

I will not Pull my Race Card. I will not Pull any Cards to gain an Advantage over You. I Refuse to be anything that Resembles the Putrid Evil You Have Become.

But I will Fight.

I will DEFEND AND DEFLECT anything that Stands to Destroy Me or The Real Humans that Surround Me.

Especially when WE are trying to do Good. Especially when Pure Evil is Present and Trying to Gain Territory Over US.

Those of you who sit idly by with your eyes Wide Shut, while Injustice is being done to others, You will come 2 know that Pure Evil has no bias. It does not show favor. It does not see color or race or even care that you are a noble Entity.

Once you are of no use to Your Wicked Masters, They will come to Devour You with lightening-fast vengeance and No Mercy.

Your Undoing will be Painful and Ugly.

In an odd way, it seems that Evil can be Just.