Nadie debería tener que ver u oler tu mierda, especially if you are capable of cleaning up after yourself.

Etiqueta adecuada (to which too many Earth Entities (Humans and foreign Bodies alike) are greatly Lacking) should be as simple as cleaning your hands (to which the majority never do properly)-- Ahah, Ahí yace el problema.

Simplemente te falta sentido común y decencia.

No one has ever Beat the Living-Facts-of-Responsibility into su coloso prematuro y poco usado.

It should be Common Sense to have the Decency to Cleanup after yourself when you are finished Utilizing the Zona de mierda. Hide your personal waste repulsion’s from the others, You never want them to know what you “Really” look like inside that beautiful Sac of Decaying Skin-Matter.

Deja de mear en el suelo. Stop leaving crusty samples around the inside of the wishing well. Stop leaving shit smears on the walls and handles. Deja de escupir la encía en los urinarios. Stop leaving your afterthoughts on the mirror. Stop using my decorative hand towel, Pendejo.

Carry some Goddamn spray de popurrí around with you, especialmente if you know that your residuos is down-right dolor de tripa.

Y pare only Dry wiping. No one wants to Toss-a-Salad that may contain a Token piece of pañuelo de papel that did not want to leave the Esfínter.

Eso te jodirá la cabeza…