How does it feel to know that you are not the first or even the only elección?

Acabas de ser una conveniencia necesaria that happened to be at the right place at a given time.

You were not chosen because you are especial o unico.

Something had a Selfish need to fill and you were the elected Obliger.

In due time your flaws will begin to revelar.

And now the Señor de las mentiras will make It’s gran entrada.

Everything that happens now is subject to false-hood and blind-ignorance.

You may never be granted the privilegio to understand why it was tú who were chosen.

You may never know if you are bueno o malo.

Nunca se puede saber if the illusion-of-pleasure is a producto of your doing or It’s sacrifice for control.

Nunca puedes escapar de la tortura if you do not accept the obvio:

You are Nada especial and It will always replace you with the next Necesidad.