We have lost this Part of the Fight.

Why can’t We just Concluir already?

Independientemente de nuestro pasado and Regardless of our Shortcomings, We are Awesome Fucking Creations Of Capacidades ilimitadas.

Imagina not fighting with China, or Russia, or Iraq, or anyone else for that matter. Imagine if we were able to sit down, be honest, be real and just speak; Respetuosamente. We state our problems and you state yours and together we can help one another along. Maybe we could all Reúne a nuestros individuos más célebres, y juntos, Get this Whole “Life-Thing” de nuevo en Gear. Maybe even get the Fuck-off-this-Rock.

Imagine all the Shit (Buena mierda) we could learn. Imagina toda la información que se podría dar sinceramente; in its most Grand Authenticity and Crudeza.

Nuevos idiomas, New foods, New ideas, Nuevas soluciones, New ways of thinking--New ways other than Asesinato, Suicide, Las drogas, Prostitución, Pedophelia, Incest, Enfermedad Mental, and Simple Hate.

We must Vomit UP the Bile that forms inside of us all. Ponlo a la vanguardia.

The Weakness, Wickedness, and Evil.

This Realm is not Compatible.

Este reino no es compatible.