I want you to keep your life and enjoy it.

This is a New Era and the time to try something Else.


I don’t want you to move in. I don’t want you in my space all the time. I don’t want you to do things just because I like to do them. I don’t want you to feel like you are tied down.

I don’t want to Marry you.

I want you to want to be around me. I want you to choose to stay.

I want you to Represent us in a Respectful Manner at all times.

I will trust you to have enough Respect to tell me if you feel the need to Falter. I am not some Immature Man that cannot understand that People change and make bad choices.

Do not be devious for devious sake.

Let me go if you are not content. Do not give

your body and soul to another for Pleasure's


But, if you feel you must, then you must. I do not own you and I will not give you full ownership over me until such time...

I am out of my Mind.