Predict the Future

I am going to Predict the Future.

I can Guarantee that the Next Presidential Election won’t matter 1 bit.

The Government is Finished.

The only Humans that do not realize this will perish from Stupidity and Ignorance, so we are not at all worried about those Zombies.

We have already been forced to choose— what each individual considered to be— the Lesser of 2 Evils.

We have All Witnessed the Monkey Show Consortium of 2016 Candidates.

We know that Many Other Positions are being filled by way of Race, Skin Color, Sexual Orientation, False Promises and Demonic Sacrifice, and not because of the Correct Set Of Qualifications nor Morals.

The World is Laughing At US.

Do you Really believe that Donald Trump, Obama, Hillary, Bernie, or any past Presidents or Senators Really give a Fuck About Your Well Being?

They Let Companies Drug US 2 Death.

They Continue to Induce our food to keep us unhealthy and Rummaging back for More. They send US off to fight Wars under the Guise of Justice and Defense.

We were Infiltrated and Broken down Long Ago.


Many Hospitals Started Putting Human Lift Machines in the Goddamn Ceiling, Many, Many years ago. Weight Capacity of 600 Pounds, Double-Wide Wheelchairs, and Big Boy Beds. All in Preparation for America’s Obesity Epidemic (“Our Black Plague”). I had to Complete a Learning Module on how to Properly Care for the Obese. I was required to learn more about Skin Breakdowns (those are killers), Foot Drop, Skin Bacteria and Conditions of FAT FOLDS (and that's just 4 starters).

So, Instead of Prevention, Instead of Caring, Instead of Cleaning up their Acts, Our People “In Power”— they chose to prepare your Death Chambers to Oblivion-- a painful and torturous time it will be. I Witness it 3 to 4 days per week. Your Misery is a Currency. The More Miserable, Unhealthy, Lonely and Broken You Are, The more valuable you are to the System— until finally, you give out.

How Ridiculous are WE THE PEOPLE to THINK that Our Government Officials, Our Food Manufacturers, Our Pharmacological Companies, Our State and Local Authorities would want to Reduce our chances of becoming Drugged Up Zombies, More Unhealthy and a Detrimental Drain on Our Own Class Of People?

One could think that they would put it right in front of our faces, 4 all to see, but we would still not care, because we are 2 preoccupied with Fucking, Fighting and Killing one another for False Gains.

They will never have you at the Dinner Table. You are but a Mere Slave who has Bought into the Notion of Freedom. The Joke Has Been On US.

They Are On The Ground Laughing At This Real-Time-Reality-Show of A Shakespearean Tragedy.

Oh well!, and Very Soon;

Nothing will be Of the “Matter” anyway.


But Even that matters not.

Our Enemies have landed and The Robots are HERE.

Our Time is Coming To A Point in which We Will Have to Fight To Survive.

What will You Do? Finally Accept Reality?

Have you EVER done battle with A Robot knocking at your front door? How will you Stop a Drone-Like TRANSFORMER with Insurmountable Capabilities? Perhaps you can SnapChat a Picture of it With Your Evil Apple Eye.

Once it comes at you, You will realize that you were an arrogant fool to believe that hating other humans due to a certain flesh tone was a Waste of Your Mind. You will realize that all your Riches don’t mean a damn thing anymore. You will realize how many regrets you have left undone. You will realize that you should have decided to get Real with Yourself, because even now; You are still praying for GOD to Save You. You may realize that if you had just stopped being a Dick all the Time, Opened Up some more, Stopped Following The Crowd and Sought Out The Truth Like a True Sleuth-- “WE THE PEOPLE” COULD HAVE PUT OUR MINDS TOGETHER. WE COULD HAVE TAUGHT ONE ANOTHER DIFFERENT IDEAS AND WAYS OF SURVIVAL. CREATED BETTER TRADITIONS AND MORALS. AND FINALLY BEGAN TO MOUNT OUR OFFENSIVE(S) LIKE THE GHOST OF THE HARLEM HELLFIGHTERS.

But I have Digressed.


This Next Election will Be filled with Cyborgs and Demons. They have all been Rewired and Possessed. It will not Matter which side you Elect; They will Destroy US, and Themselves, In Time.

Money and Power TRUMP You and I BiatcheS!

4 now, at least.

Life is Crude.

(369th Infantry Regiment: Harlem HellFighters WWI

(Battlefield 1, EA GAMES))