I can’t say for certain that this is even possible, but I must Speak it Regardless.

WE were Really Hoping that You could actually Portray Yourself like a Classy Lady.

You have 1 of 2 Choices:

1. Have the Utmost Respect for Yourself, The Commitment that YOU ALONE Made, and Those Around You


2. Be a Gross Mimic of all the Others of your kind and Continue to get Devoured by the CURRENT AND MISGUIDED LAWS that seem to Govern and Dictate how a Female Should and Can Act

Do you Really not Recognize that the Others Detest Your Pretty hair, Your Bright smile, Your Calm demeanor, Your Femininity, and Your Devotion to your Mate?

Do you Really not Understand that She is Secretly keeping Tabs on Your Lifestyle?

She either Wants what you have or She doesn’t Want you to have it in the First Place.

She either Wants to Replace you or She Wants to Derive Selfish Pleasure from your Failures and Mistakes.

You better keep an Extra Careful Watch Over all that you have Fought Hard to Create and Maintain.

Maybe it is in Her DNA? Maybe it is only Her Nature? Maybe She is too LAZY 2 GET HER OWN FUCKING LIFE TOGETHER, BE A PROPER LADY (NOT DURING SEX PLEASE.), OR IS TOTALLY INSANE (The Talented Mr(s). Ripley (1999)).


You have 1 of 2 Choices:

1. You can Choose to Fight Against the Virus within your Hardware


2. You can Choose to Remain Clueless (1995)

Myself and The Others (2001) Would “Love a World Filled with Respectful Men and Most Certainly,

Real Classy Ladies.


Choose Wisely, Your Entire Purpose Depends On IT.


British Actress

May 4, 1929 - January 20, 1993