PORTAL TRES: Motha' Fucka'

I am going to get paid for using my Mind.

My Own Mind. Understand Me When I Say “My Mind.”

You see, I do not do anything I do not want to do, except work for the Slave Masters 4 now.

You see, I could choose to be an Evil and Vile Man.

This you do not want, especially with Games of A Labyrinth Mind.

Easily. I see all your flaws and Weaknesses, Instantly.

I know you think you have lied to me, but I already see the Truth.

My time here is short. I will probably not be around Long. But it is okay, I am at peace.

I am afraid of How I may Die, and the pain that may come with, but I am Certainly not Afraid of Dying itself.

No one will even know they are Dead, so what does that matter.

I Fear more- to be totally alone, without my true friends and trusted associates.

I Fear more- hurting people for the wrong reasons.

I Fear more- how the Powers That Be will Judge My Life Resume, after all, Ye Will Most Certainly Be Judged By Something or Someone, let alone GOD.

You Will Not Cross Over If You Don’t Start Becoming A Real Human Being.

You Must Give Up the Safety Net and Fucking Jump!


Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty 1989)

You already know that you do not have Control over the landing anyway.

And there is nothing any of us can do about it.


Who are you Kidding with this facade.

You Don’t Have to Play that Card with me.

I am looking for the Real Experience.

I Will Fight Tooth and Nail against any Demons That May Cross My Path.

You Don’t Know Me Motha’ Fucka’!

I am going to Make Your Money With my Mind…

Life is Crude.