PORTAL UNO: Taken Back

I have tried to get away from her, but she is always there.

She is constantly reminding me of what we shared:

The Feeling of Silk, A Warm and Soft Gripping, Orgasm-after-Orgasm, Wet and Succulent Kisses, Our Heart Rates Scaling Off the Charts, Breathing in a Chaotic, But Synchronized Rhythm, and Finally Looking Into Each Others Eyes as the Pleasure of the Entire Experience Unfolds.

We are Above it all, watching down from the Heavens, Where we again Service One Another Properly.

I know She is Longing for It All Again.

To be Taken Back to The Place where No Thing or No 1 Can Harm Us. To Feel Totally Protected and the Notion Of Being Alive is but a Past-Time Joke.

But I Say to Her, We Cannot.

We are not Good People. We are Hurting Them All with the Impurity and the Insult of Our Actions.

You Spoke a Commitment into Being. It has Now Become a Living and Breathing Entity.

We have Abused this Creature for Far TOO LONG.

I Refuse to Destroy, any longer, the Commitment Between Another Man or Woman.

If He or She Does Not Harbor Any ill Will Toward Me Or Is Not Unjust in Their Ways, I Have no Right or Reason to Aim my Quarrels in that Direction.

Leave Them Be and Move On with Your Life.

I Used to Feel as though I Would have Given So Much 4 You and I 2 Be as 1 Soul Again, But That Is Not This Reality.

We Must Stop.

I Will No Longer Be A Disrespectful Man and I Will No Longer Take Part In Assisting Your Infidelities.

I Am Not at all Excited by My Decisions Or Actions.

I had to Fight Very Hard to Gain Control Over My Mind, My Body, and My Capabilities.




Learn All You Can About Love, Honor, Commitment, Humbleness, Sex and Self-Understanding— Before You Venture 4th (you do not want to end up trapped behind the wrong doors without the Master Key(s) (The Others 2001)) .

Make your Word Your Bond.

Fully Understand and Honor the Made Agreement, and Be Ready to Accept Any and All Responsibility.

Most Importantly, Respect Thyself.