Grow A Back Bone Already.

Holy Hell!

We are so Quick to Gossip And Complain, but we Suck at Telling People what we Think to their Face(s).

I have a Terrible History of this Myself.

But I have Realized that it is best to Confront the Person and/or Problem Respectfully and with the Intention(s) of Preventing It from Getting Out of Hand,

And More So— 2 Avoid Placing Unwanted and Unnecessary Stress on Your Conscious.

Ensure that you have taken a full Situational Analysis First.

Choose the Option that will cause the least amount of blow-back.

Choose your Tone and your Words Wisely.

Then, Make Your Move.

Cut through the BS and Solve the Problem or Qualm Instantly, that is, Unless you have a Plan that Requires you to Lay Low 4 a Bit.

Ensure 2 keep a Record of the Incident(s) if Necessary.

Plead your case if They Will Hear You.

Have an Unbiased Witness Present if Needed/Possible.

If that does not go well, go to your Records and Take It to a Higher Authority.

We should never be Afraid or Intimidated by Any Co-Worker(s) or Boss(es), No Matter the Status.

They Have to Wipe their Ass(es) after they take a Shit, just like You and I,

I Hope.

Never Hold Any Other Human-Entity Above Thyself.