The "Elderly" Equation

Being “Elderly” Does not have to = “Old.”

Why would any Young Person Want to Respect That Mindset?

This is Merely a Man-Made Equation.

It is not a Law.

You Should be Striving, Within your Capabilities, to Surpass These Young Folk(s).

Start Learning How to Use Computers and Play some Video Games from Time to Time.

Start Typing and Learning How to Text Responsibly.

Start to become Physically Active, Little-By-Little.

Learn a New Language.

Learn Social Media.

Start Your Own Business.

Start Writing Again.

Build your Vocabulary.

Sharpen Your Mind and Your Reflexes.

Create Your Own Web Page.

Create Your Own School and Educational Systems.

Create Something.

Create Many Things.

I did not Say that you had to use all these things, but you should, at the least, Understand what they are and what purpose they serve.Get a feel for how they function.

How are you going to Ever Connect and Keep Up With The Millennial’s if You Do Not Understand Their World.

You Can No Longer Sit Back and Groan, “Back when I was younger, we were not into all this crazy shit and crazy lifestyles.”

Well, this is no longer Your World.

Our Bodies must Age and We must Die. Very Soon It will Be their time; Full-Time.

We can not afford to become Lazy

And Sedentary.

No More!

Remember Who You Used To Be.

Remember What YOU are Capable OF.

Remember Who YOU still Are.

Your Mind Does Not Have To Grow Old,