Is anyone else tired of being lied to?

I understand that Humans are prone to deceit by instinct and survival, but it is not a rule set in Stone.

Nothing is Permanent.

Nothing is For sure. Nothing is Guaranteed.


You can Choose to start being a little more honest with yourself and others. 

There are Real Humans who actually care about the betterment of Humanity and would rather help others vs. Genocide and Torture.


Why must we hate?

Maybe we should hate ourselves a bit more for getting the World into this Fiasco— with the hope of putting a Fire Under Our Asses to Stop hating and oppressing everyone and everything that we personally fail to understand. 


I have my battles as a Man, who happens to have a black skin tone, but this does not tell you who I am and/or how I may have been of service to you or your loved ones.


I will respect what you say and what you say you are. I may not agree, but I will respect it.

But if you Pervert the Children, Rape, Murder, etc…

The Deal is off!


We can all agree to disagree, unless you happen to be dealing with a Psycho-Sociopath, Mental Illness or Being from another Realm.


You want to find the truth of existence?

Start by lying less, until the point you have no lies to tell.

Watch the world become something new.

Even beyond the Fear of the Unknown Curse that is to engulf us all.

Be brave.