I was Afforded the Opportunity to Conduct My Very First “Feature Artist Event.”  

Instant Reality Check.

I Quickly Learned that People are not as Interested or Simply Too Busy with Their Own Lives to Consider what I Enjoy. I understand Completely and Can Respect that.

I Accept the Responsibility for letting my Grandiose Mind Run Wild With The Notion:

“Everybody Loves Drawing and Sharing Ideas; This is going to have a Great Turnout.”

Oh Well, Live, Learn, and Figure Out Another Way. (Side Note 2 TekoLS: Improve On Marketing.)

But then There Were 2.

Ryan (female) and Trystan (male).

I saw them Drawing and Conversing.

My Mind Instantly Connected to the Frequency of My 2 Guest.

I will not Disclose in Great Detail What We Discussed Without Asking Their Permission First, but I can Tell You that we Unlocked the Portal into some Really Fascinating Conversation. We Continued Drawing Together and Spoke of Our Methods and Modes of Thinking and Processing.

We Discussed How Our Minds Can See into “Other” Realms.

It Forced Us to Explore Our Minds, but in a Relaxed Atmosphere Garnered by a Mutual Respect, Admiration, and Curiosity For Creativity.


And For A Time, Our Minds had Forgotten about All the Muck of the World.

And I Will Vouch That It’s both— Addictive and Addicting.

They have Helped me Fully Realize My Mission:

“Changing Your Mind 1 Drawing At A Time,” and 2 Seek Out and Pull Together The Others Like Myself (Skin Color is of No Privilege Here) Through the Unparalleled Craft Of Drawing.

This Is My IRONCLAD Foundation and the Basis for Learning and Suggesting (I am not a Teacher, I am a Collector Of Ideas).

It Is My Hope that More of You will Decide to Come To KIFA and Benefit from Our Many Mind Altering Experiences.

It is Beyond Time for Our Human Minds to Achieve Full Potential (because AI is not Your Friend or Companion).

Connecting with Others is More Vital Than Ever within this Age of Increasing Loneliness and Pain.

KIFA and I are Growing and Expanding Together.

If You Care 2 Take Your Part In It All, You are more than Welcome To Stop By. Come See Us Anytime.

We Are Open:

Wednesday - Sunday

11 am - 4 pm

or Visit the KIFA WEBSITE

P.S. The Staff Carries an Extremely Cultured and Vested Love and Appreciation for (Maryland) History, Learning, and THE KENT ISLAND FEDERATION OF ARTS. If You have ever had the Notion to Explore Marketing, Music, History, Art, Math and/or Spanish (the list goes on) from Many of the People who are Pioneers in These Fields, I Urge You All 2 Attend Some Of Our Engagements and Open up A Dialogue).

Do not Let the Media and The Schools Tell Your Children What and How They Should Learn.

Get Some Real-Time Immersion into the True Stories as Remembered by People Who Were Present. They Have Lived and Experienced it all First Hand (void of Information created and altered by Entities with Hidden Agendas).

These Are Invaluable Concepts that are Essential for Creating a Strong and Healthy Mind, Especially in This Currently Misguided and Somewhat Tyrannical Society.

I Extend My Utmost Appreciation to The KIFA Staff, The Two Young Person’s and Roland “The Enigma” Milan.

Thank You All For An Incredible Experience In Learning.

Here’s to Future Endeavors!