Whatever you are, you are Cruel and Unjust.

I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about the matter-- you delight in Chaos, Fear, and Misery.

By the time We figure out who we could have been, too much damage has been done.

Change it Now. Stop this Now.

We were born into the unknown and without proper guidance or understanding of Self.

The ones before us and the chosen protectors had no clue either.

I am not angry at them. They were dealt the same deal as myself and the others. I forgive the unknowing. I release my anger from thee.

I understand how Dangerously Complex the Mind can be, especially when untrained and uninhibited.

You set this up so that you can watch the pain, suffering, and failure.

You offer only false hopes and stories of hypocrisy.

Look at this Place.

Look at what You’ve done.

Look at what You have allowed us to do.

You are Cruel and Unjust.

No more Ranting,

No more Words here,

only Expression through INK.

Life is Crude.