Ego Trip

Just Come Off It.?!

Your EGO trip is a Bunch Of BS>

Your Verbal Cues are Elementary to ME.

Your Words are that of Charlie Brown’s School Teacher.

Your So Easy in Fact--

And I will not Waste the Rest of MY TIME on U.

I SenSed your PreSence Long before You Knew You even Existed.

I am Powerful and Scary.

I Lead you to Believe that I do not know you are a Demon.

But Of Course I know.

I have Sharpened my Intellect and Instincts.

I will Destroy You when all is said and Done.

I want you to Understand that Your Kind will never be Able to Break Through My Defenses.

I Look Evil straight in the Eye and Ask, “What Have You Done To The Others Before ME? No Matter, I will Fight You Anyway.”

“I Must, I Can, and I Will.”

“Let Us Be.”

Release me Into the Realm of My True Location.

I Want to See Me in the Place I Physically Dwell.

I Release the Pressure right Now.

My Ego is No More.