Be a Strong Woman.

March in this Parade to Remind People (Men Mostly) how Strong Women Can Be.

Be Independent (Who needs a Man?).

Join a Feminist Movement.

Be a part of our Annual “Slut” Walk.

Women must Support each other now more than ever.

Breast Cancer Ribbons Everywhere; All the Time.

Pink, Pink, Pink, Purple and More Pink.


Who told “You” that you were weak in the first place? Furthermore, why did “You” Choose 2 Listen and why must “I” pay a Penance?

Strong Humans do not have to constantly Protest to others that they are Strong (or Have Pride).

Who ever said that anyone “Needs” anyone else? There should be a natural urge to actually “Want and Appreciate” the Freedom of Choosing to be with or share with someone else.

The Word Feminism has become tainted and fractured. The movement is now run by Evil Witches who want you to be as unhappy as they are (Scorecard Reads: The 2019 Feminism Witches are projected to Greater the Divide between Men and Women and will eventually Destroy Civilization by this Years End).

I was always told the title of “Slut” (and/or “Bitch”) was Derogatory toward a Woman. I haven't a Clue what to think now, but if you want to Walk around calling your Mother and Your Daughter a Slut, Go Right-On-A-Head-Girl. (Note to the Males: Don’t you even think about saying this to her-- Your life may become a living hell-- gotta love those “Double Entendres,” oops, I meant “Double Standards”).

When has Any “Human” not Ever needed Some Type Of Support, whether it be from a Man, Woman, Child, Animal or Other?

Is Breast Cancer the only Cancer in Existence?

Pink is not so Attractive among colors for Women and Who in the Hell said that it had to become a representation 4 every aspect of Femininity in the first place?


I believe this is a “Double Entendre:”

All together now, “ GirrrrL, No She Didn’t.!?”


In other News…

The new law, which has essentially been constructed from the “interpretation” of an existing law without any democratic process, applies only to men dealing with women and not either sexual minorities or heterosexual women interacting with men. Nottingham Police are taking it so seriously that men deemed to be behaving in a “misogynistic” fashion are already having their “crimes” and details recorded.

And you thought I was just being a Grumpy Ol’ Male Misogynist. (-’)