She Interrogates Me.

It did not set upon me right away though.

I had to come home and do my daily Ritual before I would began 2 Unfurl some of the Insightful Whispers She Sang.

I am forever grateful to her for her Language.

I told her that I was free to do as I please. No Obligation.

She said, That’s Lonely.

She seemed very sincere.

I told her that my brain can no longer tolerate dealing with children or having to give up my time and my mind to another (in so many words).

She said that I was born in May and that She and I are of the Taurus.

Why do you not celebrate your birthday Teko?

Why do you abhor False Celebration?

Why do you find it impossible to trust Anyone but Yourself.

Why do you believe that there Failure is an Option?

Why do you believe that We have been invaded by Body Snatchers (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 1956)?

My Vagina is not Alien (Alien 1979).

My Soul is not that of the Evil 1.

It is you who are Royally Fucked Up!

It is you who push them away.

It is you Who Created The Follies In Your Existence.

Breath Teko...

But you are Still Alive inside, Aren’t you?

How does such a “Strong” Entity Fall So Hard.

Why do you run from what cannot be Outrun.

Do you Believe it is all just a Cruel Joke?

And What of Love or Respect?

You Claim to have so many answers Mr Teko L. S.

So What Now?

(Maybe I imagined she said all that?)