And I Quote in a Sour Tone:

“It Looks Like A Bunch Of Nothin.!?”

Twas not so long ago,

In a place not so far away--

that Her Cruel and Ambitious Words Cut Through the Very Fiber Of My Consciousness.

Thus Compelling Me To Become Stronger, Better, Faster.

And So I Have, And So I Shall—

Stuff One Of My Most Expensive AND “Incredibly Awesomely Drawn Drawings” Impeccably Down Her Rotten Pipe Hole That is Most Certainly Full Of Left Over Cum Particles From Her Last 5 Sessions of Being Humiliated, and 4 the Finale, Taking Unhealthy Loads From Unjust and Unkempt Monsters Who Would Probe And Devour The Orifices Of Any Living Creature In Existence.

Including You and I.

But what if she had not said it with such Treachery and Disdain?

I Shutter At The Thought of not Realizing my current Potential, at this Particular Time.

I may not Have Made These Great Strides In Understanding— This Fast— Without Hearing IT.

So, Upon a Second Thought, Thanks Luv.

Ya’ Rotten Twat!!


LiFe Is Cruel. No.?

That’s not right.


Yes Crude.

Life Is Crude.

I must remember my Own Words, Tsk, Tsk.