At what point did I become your Sworn Enemy?

I Remember having a Major Role in the Prowess, Mental Development and Physical Well-being of 3 Girls among many boys. I did not harbor any ill will toward them. I did not treat them any better or any worse than the boys. I did not give them a pass because they were females. I tried to instill in them Self-Worth and Self-Pride. I told them to beware of Evil Humans— Not 2 Just Automatically Hate the Opposite Sex. I never told them that they were weaker than any boy or man or other female. I never implanted the idea of weakness in them to begin with. I did not throw the Color Pink in their faces and on their bodies all the time in an effort to remind them, and everyone else, that they are Female and Thereby Must Uphold the Female Code.

______________________________________________I did not sit around the Conference table in a effort to Perpetuate the Downfall of the Female Species.

There is most certainly a Plot to further Strip a Well Kept “Lady” from Understanding why she should Truly Want To Exist in this Web of Drama and Chaos, but it is most certainly coming From Your Own Kind.

I am not Pleased or Impressed with the Way Women Utilize other Women in Our Society. 4 some odd reason, I have been made to bare witness to the Lies, Deceit, and Immoral Whispers of Your Female Counter Parts. I know the Sense of Delight She Feels when you are not at your best (as she smiles and tells you that you don’t need anyone else because you have Her (Now let’s go have some drinks and take it all out on someone else. Remember girl, It’s not our fault, It’s never our fault).

______________________________________________Where is the Class that teaches women that you can not have anything and everything you want because Humans have specific limitations according to their genetic coding and the Raw Nature of Hierarchy (Lion Kingdom) in which “Man” had nothing to do with?

Where is the Class that prepares the Young Ladies to beware of Men and Women who would do them harm?

Where is the Class that teaches women that their Sacred Vagina does not have to be a bargaining tool for survival among the Wolves and Lions?Where is the Class that teaches women to just be Respectful?

______________________________________________It would seem that we could all benefit from a Reeducation of what Existence Can Mean and How to Live among One Another with our Differences Intact.

I do not Hate Females, but this constant bombardment of Female confusion is Certainly Striking a Chord and Causing a Separation of the Sexes that will Ultimately be Detrimental to All Human Kind.

Have you ever read the book titled “The Tails Tale of Female Hypocrisy and The Vagina?”

Me Either, but I have a good feeling that their is no “Happy Ending.”