Why are you Catering?

I have Cancelled my Netflix. I do not Watch Cable. Amazon Prime is just like Netflix. YouTube is full of Control and Contradiction. The News is hardly ever about the Lives and Stories of Real People. Comics Have been Taken over by the SJW”s. Video Games are becoming more Nice and Redundant. Today’s Journalist Simply Suck!

This Fucking Soy Boy, LGBTQIA, Millennial Animation, Millennial Writing, Millennial Catered Scripting, and the Pedophilia-Flooded Hollywood Movie Making-- is Driving me Nuts.

Lots of Talking. Lots of Ridiculous and Unrealistic Dialogue. No good fight scenes. No good explanations as to why an event is taking place. Terrible Jokes and Punchlines. No Badassery (unless it’s some steroid induced female character who professes to hate men, but loves to fuck women, while mimicking a man? Or A “Pretty Little Liar?” Or a “Mom,” “Mother,” and “Bad Mothers” who all do Nothing short of Raunchy Shit.

Confused Yet. I sure am.

I am not attacking whatever it is you Claim to be at any given moment of any given day, but I enjoy entertainment, and I would just like for some of you to try a different formula or some damn thing, please.

Is this the future of Entertainment?

Oh, I see, the plan was to get rid of People like me to begin with. Someone with a True Opinion. Someone who may point out the obvious.

Let’s be real here.

You blame us for all your problems, and we blame you for all your nonsense.

It is obvious that none of Us will take the time to understand one another.


Baby Boomers, Why are you just Catering? Do Something. Say Something. Help Out.

Get yourself together and Regain Some Type of Order and/or Respect.

These will be the Future Nurses and Doctors and Robotic Engineers, all of which have no respect for you as they turn their noses up at the thought of Wiping Your Old Pitiful Asses.

I will not Cater.

I will hold each Individual Accountable to their Actions.

This New Age Entertainment Stinks and Reeks of Political Agendas.